Arson Whales – Scene Four (2021)

Combining their natural talents for music, Linda Brancato (vocals and guitar), Kevin O’Shaughnessy (vocals and guitar), Joe Kimberlin (guitar), Brad Penner (bass) and Ben Jackson (drums) form the genre-bending group Arson Whales. Forming in April 2020, the US-based fivesome is a relatively new band on the scene, but they are certainly grabbing the attention of listeners across the globe. Featured on Loud Women, Conversations About Her, Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Music and Edgar Allan Poets, Arson Whales is spreading their alt-rock meets indie sound near and far. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Scene Four’.

Following their debut single ‘New Isolation’ (read our review here), ‘Scene Four’ is reminiscent of David Bowie in its obscurity and intimacy. While the track is flowing and steady in its melody there remains a jarring, mildly distorted effect enhancing the message of the single. As with ‘New Isolation’, the group are dealing with a thematic concept – in that case being the “trials and tribulations of the ongoing global pandemic”. Now, the lads (and lady) look at the provocative issue of female exploitation.

The melody has a kaleidoscopic intensity in its arrangement, however, it is Brancato’s vocals that take the helm in ‘Scene Four’. Reminiscent of The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer, but with a more soothing quality, the female voice emphasises the controversial message being portrayed. Expertly executed, there is a melancholic feel to the steady melody, but with an underlying sense of empowerment in the sentimental track. As we said previously, Arson Whales set the bar high with ‘New Isolation’; I believe expectations have been met and surpassed with their current track ‘Scene Four’.

In addition to their single, Arson Whales has released an official music video for ‘Scene Four’. The video can be viewed on their YouTube channel. Please note that this video uses lighting effects that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

For more from Arson Whales check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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