Track of the Day: Naëve – Down The Rabbit Hole

Drawing together elements of jazz, swing, blues and indie-pop, along with a slathering of Big Band and you’ll have the highly innovative sound of Naëve. Described as a wild adventure by Rising Artists Blog, the UK-based singer-songwriter is turning heads with her unique style. Not only has she featured on Rising Artists Blog, but Naëve is capturing the attention of an international audience receiving coverage from RGM, Talk About Pop Music, Roadie Music and many others. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’.

Following her single ‘L.A.M.E.’ (read our review here), Naëve adopts a Big Band meets soul sound with ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’. While Naëve’s rich, bold and moving vocals are definitely noteworthy contributing to the upbeat, hand-clapping quality, it is the instrumentation that truly captivates me. The movement from Big Band horn sections to blues-infused guitar and jazz-based piano lays the foundation for a kaleidoscopic soundscape. Not only does Naëve showcase her vibrant harmonies, but the melodic arrangement adds flavour to each part of the track. What I mean is you are facing crescendos to catchy choruses interspersed with steadier guitars and finally ending with an abrupt stop.

As I said, Naëve’s moving vocals are noteworthy, but it is the poetic lyricism that enhances the poignancy of ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’. Exploring the issue of living in a challenging reality where people enjoy “putting you down for their own benefit”, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ can be quite melancholic and dark. Yet, aligning with the happy tune is the happier side of the song’s message – a silver lining in the dark existential reality. Naëve explains that the track “supports celebrating our true selves no matter what and suggests you don’t let anyone get to you, to always be firmly aware of your own worth.”

For more from Naëve check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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