Qwiet Type – Uninvited (2021)

Qwiet Type introduced us to his unique musical fusion with ‘We Gotta Move’, before focusing on the smaller things in ‘Little Ol’ Me’. With his debut EP Uninvited, he is transforming into a band instead of a solo artist. While keeping his blended sound at the heart of the tracks, he brings new life to some old-school pop styles.

With tracks that are as groovy as they are diverse, the EP is rich in relatable lyrics and moving flows. The honesty and sincerity that filled his previous releases continue in the EP, while seeming to be another step in musical elegance. If you are looking for an EP that brings back the music you love while adding something delightfully unique and honest to the mix, this might just be what you need.

The title track ‘Uninvited’ opens the EP with an attention-grabbing deep thrumming. The vocals have a touch of retro pop vibes as they wrap around your senses. The opening melodic line drops for a moment of silence before the really groovy tones take centre stage. The guitar calls from the depths of the melody while the vocals slowly get you utterly addicted to the song. The groovy feeling of the music slowly builds over time until you are full-body bopping to the rhythm without knowing how that happened. The lyrics are a wonderful combination of invitation and understanding that you don’t need other people at the party, only to slide into being uninvited.

‘Big Top’ hits the ground running with a very different retro vibe. The light and upbeat tone of the melody has a sprinkling of funk that is artfully woven into indie rock tones. The beat has your foot tapping, while the vocal delivery brings a warm wash to your skin. There is a slow dance feeling that builds through the music only to shine with sunlight reflecting off water. Through all of this, the vocal delivery is infectious and really sticks in your brain. This is woven around a message of achieving your dreams, which is enhanced by layered vocals close to the end of the single.

Pulsing synths vibrate in your chest through ‘I’m Taken Aback’. There is a slightly dark feeling to the melody of this track while it brings the best elements of retro electronic pop to your ears. This is bolstered by the exuberant horns that swell and burst through the melody. The interplay between the synths and horns is masterful and something that, unfortunately, you don’t get to hear that often. Against this masterful melody, Qwiet Type’s vocals build emotions and burst with feelings of overwhelming affection. This is an endlessly catchy song and you can easily imagine it being blared from speakers while people shout out with the chorus.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Taking on Water’ and its dark thrum that shakes up your insides. The humming vocals are expansive in their movement and lead you to the main vocal line. There is a light growl to the vocals that have the lightest touch of Americana to them. This swings into a groovy movement that is foot-stomping and addictive. There is so much going on in this track, but it all comes together so perfectly that you can’t help but be swept up in the movement. The thumping beats propel the cheeky horns that toss you into the warm embrace of the vocals. Each element and moment builds on the last, while preparing the soundscape for the next, to highlight the mastery of the production.

Qwiet Type has you hopelessly addicted to his sound and in awe of his musical prowess and versatility with the four unique tracks of Uninvited. Each track has a completely different style, while retaining something that is uniquely Qwiet Type. With groovy undertones, masterful build-ups and exquisite vocals, this EP is one that you don’t want to miss.

Find out more about Qwiet Type on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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