Psychedelic Revolution – I Will Be Free (2021)

Adding elements of funk, pop and RnB to alternative rock meets indie-rock stylings, Singapore singer-songwriter Psychedelic Revolution is certainly not to be pigeon-holed. I would compare him to something or someone, but the fact is Psych Rev is far to unique to hold any similarity to his contemporaries. Yep, he’s obscure, intriguing and exciting, and I’m not the only one saying this. Hitting the blogosphere with his music, Psychedelic Revolution has featured in Sinusoidal Music, Motion News, Roadie Music and more gaining a global following. The latest addition to his well-received repertoire is ‘I Will Be Free’.

Differing from his previous releases, ‘I Will Be Free’ incorporates tinges of folk in the genre-bending offering. Hot on the heels of ‘You & I’, Psych Rev showcases his innovativeness transitioning from electronic instrumentation to an organic arrangement. Combining a melancholic acoustic guitar with his slightly raspy vocals, the new song is more relaxed but with a nostalgic sadness in its melody. Folk music always seems to have a sadness that tugs at your heartstrings and ‘I Will Be Free’ is no different. It’s like drifting through a haunted forest with mist hanging about leaving you in a state of shock, but a good shock.

Intimate and intense, Psych Rev ensnares your senses with the personal narrative and moving melody. Yet, while there is a sparse intensity to the track, it seems to slide along a kaleidoscopic soundscape showing that simplicity can be stunning. Moreover, the flowing vocal execution seems to be a shining light drawing you closer out of that misty forest of sound. Yep, mistiness and calm are probably what describes ‘I Will Be Free’ best. The thing is, while there is a reflective melancholy to the tune, there remains a sincere and hopeful sense of empowerment as Psych Rev sings about being free. This is my first taste of Psychedelic Revolution, and I cannot wait for more!

For more from Psychedelic Revolution check out his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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