Track of the Day: Prove You Wrong – So It Begins

The musical project of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Alex Munoz, Prove You Wrong brings old-school rock to a modern-day audience. Already featured on The Other Side Reviews with his single ‘Get Out Of My Head’, Munoz has already turned our heads, but we are not the only ones falling in love with his work. Featured on Find No Enemy, Rising Artists Music Blog, Thoughts Words Actions, Sinusoidal Music, Punk Rocker and many others, Prove You Wrong is reaching audiences on a global scale. Come with us as we look at (or rather listen to) his single ‘So It Begins’.

His first track in 2022, ‘So It Begins’ brings a massive sound to his listeners. Capturing the sound of iconic artists like Black Sabbath and Guns ‘N Roses, Prove You Wrong presents a heavy, hard-hitting personality in ‘So It Begins’. Driven by a forceful guitar with pounding drums, the melodic arrangement hits you between the eyes with its overwhelming rock grittiness. While the full melody is entertaining in its entirety, I have to give the heavy guitar solo some props. It might be a little wild but there is a sophistication in Munoz’s naturally skilled guitar playing. Moreover, the transition from catchy choruses and engaging verses enhances the hard-hitting classic rock tone of the song.

If you are a fan of Guns ‘N Roses or Velvet Underground, you’ll be sure to adore the melody; however, Munoz’s gruff vocals add a certain je ne sais quoi to ‘So It Begins’. The gruff vocal execution adds rawness to the song but also makes the grittiness of ‘So It Begins’ palpable. Moving and energetic, I can easily see a crowd head-banging, playing air guitar and jumping about to ‘So It Begins’.

In addition to the single, Prove You Wrong released an official lyric video that can be viewed below or on his YouTube channel. Please note this video contains lighting effects that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.


For more from Prove You Wrong, check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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