Rare Americans – Balmoral Hotel (2018)

Image credit to Daniela Arbaje

Rare Americans describe themselves as a pair of Canadian Priestner brothers who’d never written a song together until a year ago when they met a crazy Slovakian guitar virtuoso named Lubo.  As a relatively new band from British Columbia, this pop rock group are emerging with a few songs (three to be exact), some official videos (three again), and this is a review of their latest single, ‘Balmoral Hotel’.

The track is about feeling alone; it sounds like it’s about a breakup; and while the band cite Bad Religion and Ozzy as inspiration, it sounds a lot like Twenty One Pilots.  The music is very good, and the vocals are amazing.  The guitar solo at 2:44 is particularly great.

‘Balmoral Hotel’ is a very good song and highly enjoyable.  If you have been through a breakup or ever felt alone, it’s a very relatable song.  ‘Balmoral Hotel’ is available to stream on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and Bandcamp.  The music video is also available on YouTube.


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