Rebecca Tommasi – Star (2021)

Most of us don’t take the time to appreciate everything around us and how resilient people are. This is something that Rebecca Tommasi takes the time to do with her single ‘Star’. Drawing on the inspiration of the briefest moments and the beauty of human endurance, the single brings the awe of appreciation to listeners.

As her debut single, Tommasi is putting it all on the line while touching on the people who inspired her. Having started her musical journey later in life, she attended jazz singing classes and only started writing her debut EP years later. While using her foundation in jazz, she draws on folk, pop and ambient tones to complete the picture of her music.

‘Star’ has a wonderful jazzy opening that is light and soothing. You really want to sway to the movement of the drums and the piano line utterly captivates your senses. Every element of the melody brings a shining light with it that adds to the beautiful dazzling soundscape. You can easily imagine sitting in a jazz bar as Tommasi plays and everyone enthralled by the delicate movements. The piano line gives way to the guitar that gently plays and dances around your head.

The jazzy vibes continue with Tommasi’s vocals that warm you like the summer sun. The lyrics pull you into their appreciation of others with a deliberate tenderness that opens your eyes to the brightness of those around you. The harmonising on the chorus enhances the messaging and emotions of the track. The single is packed with imagery that brings a new understanding of the people around us while also offering a beautiful uplifting of your spirit. Through the single, you feel that you can do what you want before you to are a star.

Rebecca Tommasi fills you with a delicate appreciation of others and yourself with the tender and jazzy tones of ‘Star’. The melody has you sinking into the soundscape while her vocals pull you into the messaging of the track. Together, they form an easy single that you can listen to at any time and breathe a little easier for it.

Find out more about Rebecca Tommasi on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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