Xufa – Dunes (2021)

Xufa has us connecting with the undercurrents of life through the meditative tones of her single ‘The Wild’. With ‘Dunes’ she is looking closer to home as she focuses on internal expansion. Through the vastness of breath and the pulses of being alive, she brings the shifting sands of life to our ears.

While acknowledging that life is always changing and shifting like the sands of the dunes, Xufa offers a soothing balm for the spirit. The softness she offers helps to fortify the spirit for when the wind changes and the sand storms approach. This third single continues to draw on her classical training while expanding into everything that is possible through music.

‘Dunes’ pulses with deep neon tones that remind you of the sand flitting over the top of dunes. There is a very intimate feeling to the music that closes in around you. This is expanded by the expansive feeling of the middle levels that seem to reach far and wide. While expansive, they connect with the intimacy of the other melodic elements to create a contained swirl of colour and sound. This helps you focus your sights internally while picking up the searching feeling of the lyrics and vocals.

The ethereal tones of Xufa’s vocals are a gentle breeze against your skin. She softly takes your hand and encourages you to look inside. The lyrics continue the meditative vibes that her music brings which helps you reach inside and explore who you are. The easy movement of her vocals soothes any rough edges you find while lifting any strain you feel off your chest. It is a very peaceful feeling that you want to sink into and float on. By the end of the single, you will feel more at peace with yourself while calmly able to face anything you need to.

Xufa has you reaching inward for the peace and tranquillity you need to face any dark times through the meditative movement of ‘Dunes’. The single is tender and soft while drawing you into an intimate space of self-reflection. Through the single, you will find a sense of inner peace that soothes the rough edges inside and fortifies you for the future.

Find out more about Xufa on her Instagram and Spotify.

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