DANIEL – Nobody Knows My Name (2021)

DANIEL is hitting the ground running with his debut single ‘Nobody Knows My Name’. As his first track and the first off his debut EP Introducing Daniel, he offers a glimpse into his life and emotions. Telling the bittersweet tale of his relationship with music, the song delves into feelings of missed opportunities, the impact chasing a dream has on mental health and the beautiful moment when we achieve something we deeply want.

While an extremely personal single, it offers an exploration into the relationship artists have with music that man people overlook. Drawing on his experiences of leaving home at a young age to dive into the London music scene, DANIEL uses raw and honest lyrics to captivate. The skills he honed since performing at the Royal Albert Hall when he was 11 are put to exquisite use to get you hooked to his pop sound.

‘Nobody Knows My Name’ has a powerful piano-driven melody that elevates the emotive vocal performance. There is a delicacy to the piano line that grips your heart and squeezes. While a relatively minimalistic melody, it is so emotive that you can’t help but feel the rising emotions getting stuck in your throat. The melody holds a lot of power but is also understated to let the vocals shine. The strings that come through in the last moments of the track brings a new edge that tickles your brain.

It is DANIEL’s vocals that are the real star of the track as he lays out a journey into the world of music. There is a touch of dejection and regret in the vocals as he looks at the lives others live and how his seems to be lacking. This turns into a questioning of whether he would have been happier on a different path. His performance touches on all the tender parts of our souls shining a light on insecurities and letting you know that you are not alone in feeling them.

DANIEL reaches into your chest and squeezes through the stripped-back yet extremely emotional ‘Nobody Knows My Name’. There is so much emotive power in the single that you can’t help but feel stripped raw. This is an unbelievable debut single that is sure to have listeners tuning in and remembering DANIEL’s name for years to come.

Find out more about DANIEL on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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