Renders- Running Through the Night (2016)

Have you ever gone running while listening to music and pretended you were in a music video? Well if so, I just found your anthem.

‘Running Through The Night’, created by Renders, is an electronic song that really captures the title. When listening to it, I imagined myself running from something or someone as it holds a kind of creepy presence to it. For me, this song translated as one that promotes overcoming fears and escaping from a darkness that is lurking.

An electronic song that still has the ability to incorporate both classic and contemporary pop music makes ‘Running Through The Night’ unique and different to anything that has been heard before. It starts off quite slow but builds up quickly to the track that fans were hoping for. ‘Running Through The Night’ is filled with twists and turns that the artist, Kelly McMichael, has taken the listeners through.

McMichael’s voice is guided by the electronics that hold a sense of worry and anger. She has created a song that is dedicated to those who feel vulnerable walking at night and it presents itself as a ‘take back the night’ anthem as said by the artist herself.

‘Running Through The Night’ is the first track off the self-titled EP and it is all about claiming space and demanding acceptance. She is writing from an emotional intelligence and singing for those who are voiceless. The EP comes out on the 8th of July.


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