Robert O’Connor – Over (Before It’s Begun) (2020)

Robert O’Connor has been playing the long game without a care for passing trends. He spent all of 2018 rebuilding his brand after a five-year absence from the music scene. His first release of 2020 ‘Older 20’ was his second collaboration with EDM artist Skynem GT. The pair have a new single ‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’ which is set to drop on 31 July, but the music video is out now.

The summery but sad banger is lyrically a prequel to ‘Older 20’ because it is about the same relationship. The song continues looking at the relationship that you build-up in your mind to be the one only to find that is not the case. By reflecting real life in his lyrics, O’Connor creates relatable and honest tunes.

‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’ draws you in with a gentle opening that is full of O’Connor’s charming vocals. His soft vocal performance is a light thread that wraps around you and pulls you into the lyrics and melody. The second verse of the song is livelier than the first and showcases his vocal range with falsetto notes and changes in tempo. Lyrically, the song is much sadder than the vocals and melody will have you think.

The melody of the track creates an upbeat foundation for O’Connor’s smooth vocals. The use of synths helps build up the pace between the first and second verses. However, the melody never overwhelms the vocals or lyrics. There is a perfect balance achieved between the summery melody and the chilled pop vocals.

The official music video was directed, produced and edited by Matt n Black. The simplicity of the video helps the lyrics and performance of the track shine through. While minimalistic, the video is captivating and you will be drawn into the lyrics, lively beat and visual experience.

Robert O’Connor teams up with Skynem GT for the sad summer banger ‘Over (Before It’s Begun). The song has a lively beat full of fun summer tones, but the lyrics and vocals carry a sadness that is wonderfully at odds with this. The official music video is a pleasure to watch as the simplicity focuses your attention on the song and not what is happening in the video.

Find out more about Robert O’Connor on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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