Rogue Proxy – She Turned Around (2021)

Rogue Proxy had us intrigued by their genre-defying sound with the brash yet smooth tones of ‘Pump the Hype’. Now they are showcasing another side of their sound with the groovy rock ballad ‘She Turned Around’. With a melody focusing on some vintage tones, the lyrics weave a tapestry that is as rich as the soundscape.

Bringing a new flavour of rock to our ears, the band brings the rebelliousness of youth to the wilderness of guitar-driven music. The two friends from Canada have been blending tones and refining their sound to move from strength to strength. With no possible way to be pigeon-holed in musical genres, they unleash a blast of infectious tones on your ears.

‘She Turned Around’ slowly draws you in with a really groovy flow. The groovy line has you swaying and shimmying to the rhythm while your head gently bounces to the beat. There is an almost surf feeling to the music at times before it is washed away by some soft rock sensibilities. The guitar riffs are absolutely amazing as they tickle your sense and make you want to close your eyes as they dance over your skin.

The blending of the band’s sound does not end with the melody as the vocals push against genre boundaries. The deep groove of the melody weaves its way into the vocals as they slither through your brain. On the chorus, the vocals rise for a combination of classic rock and surf with a splash of retro vibes. Through all of this, the lyrics create a detailed tapestry that tells the story of heartbreak and having to leave. There is some beautiful imagery in the lyrics that enhances the emotive hit of the song. While quite different to the high energy rush of ‘Pump the Hype’, this track is as addictive and really displays the versatility of a band that keeps you guessing.

Rogue Proxy has you grooving to their genre-defying sound with the smooth yet melancholic ballad ‘She Turned Around’. The melody is packed with the best elements of different rock sub-genres while the vocals are a smooth thread leading you through the tapestry of the lyrics. The imagery of the song is amazing while bolstering the emotive hit the band brings.

Find out more about Rogue Proxy on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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