Sätilä – Eyes To The Sun (2022)

Drawing together elements of indie rock into his alternative rock design, Finnish artist Teemu Sätilä adds a contemporary edginess to his warm sound. Embracing his passion for music at a young age, Sätilä began writing songs before his 10th birthday. He knew he wanted to be a songwriter and studied the skill in Australia before returning to his homeland to hone a sound. The latest addition to his unique discography is the single ‘Eyes To The Sun’.

Already featured on The Other Side Reviews with his EP Plan B, our team is aware of Sätilä and appreciate his genre-defying music. In ‘Eyes To The Sun’, he impresses us once again with his layering of indie-rock and alt-rock tinged by contemporary pop-rock. The musical arrangement combines dynamic guitars with pounding drums building a powerful melody on which to build. The thing is, while each instrument has a prominent position, they all come together as a united whole in ‘Eyes To The Sun’.

Inspired by the presence of summer in the Northern hemisphere, Sätilä touches on elements of warmth and joy in this new single. For those who don’t know, countries in the Northern hemisphere have short summer months making sunlight (and its warmth) highly significant. To sit outside and soak up the heat is something people here desire and appreciate when it happens. Sätilä explains that ‘Eyes To The Sun’ shows a “…distinct change in people when daylight increases…up north, I think we really appreciate the season of light in perhaps a different way to some other places because most of the year we get very little sunlight and at times hardly see any.” Being a South African living in Northern Europe, I totally get it.

As with all of his material, the melody may be moving but Sätilä’s vocals add the meat to the tune. In ‘Eyes To The Sun’, his rich tones ride the melodic wave bringing a soothing sound to the track. Not only this, but the dulcet vocals also add a sense of tender warmth to the song aligning the sound with the words. Currently in the summer season, listening to ‘Eyes To The Sun’ makes the laidback, mellow, chilled out vibes even better.

For more from Sätilä check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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