Ryan Nealon – Lights Out (2020)

Building up your self-esteem after leaving an abusive relationship is one of the hardest things you can do. If you need some motivation or to feel like someone understands, Ryan Nealon is here with his single ‘Lights Out’. The single is all about bouncing back after an abusive relationship and learning to love and respect yourself again. While a deeply personal song, the track touches on emotions and topics that most can relate to.

While the subject matter is heavy, the upbeat tempo of the track gives you hope. Written with his friend Haleigh Bowers, Nealon helps you get closure and move on. While you might not believe this is possible right now, the single is a good stepping-stone and a relatable soundtrack for your emotions.

The upbeat vibes of the single slowly work their way into your ears with the opening of ‘Light Out’. There are these plucky notes in the lower levels of the melody that transform into these driving beats. The melody is driven primarily by these beats, but there are some light synth notes that come and go. The beat of the track drives your feet to tap to the rhythm, but the majority of the melody is created by Nealon’s vocals.

His vocals have this echoey tone to them at the start that sets the dance vibes of the single. This echoing gives way to soaring vocals on the chorus. You are going to sing along to the chorus because it is too infectious to not. The modulation of Nealon’s vocals set the pace of the track which is wonderful to hear. This lets the lyrics shine through and leaves you feeling uplifted and like you can move on.

Ryan Nealon has you moving to the beat of his vocals in the uplifting and feel-good ‘Lights Out’. While the lyrics tackle heavy issues, the uptempo track gets you moving to the beat. There is a wonderful positivity that shines through on this single and lets you know that you can get through things.

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