Ryan Palma – Shift (2020)

Ryan Palma is combining classic rock styles with some modern sounds in his latest single ‘Shift’. Hitting you with nostalgia for rock tones long gone, he then seamlessly works in uplifting instrumentation to lighten the mood. This is fused with his catchy lyrics for a full-on assault of his versatility and talent. While this combination of elements could go horribly wrong, Palma is able to pull this off with flair and finesse.

His musicality is, in part, supported by being a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer. His unparalleled sound has been making waves since he first hit the scene as he bridges elements and sounds to envelope you in his soundscape. If you are looking for an artist you are going to enjoy for a while to come, Ryan Palma might just be it.

‘Shift’ hits you with Palma’s unique blend of elements from the first second. There is this nostalgic rock vibe overlaid with a more modern sound in the opening leading you to his vocals. The driving opening melody drops for his energic vocals. While his performance starts relatively slowly, his energy builds toward the chorus to get you into the vibes. The driving guitar lurking below his vocals pulses in your chest and combines with the higher guitar lines to throw you back to some 00s rock vibes.

As the powerful melody grips you, the lyrics sneak up on you. Before you realise, you are enveloped in the lyricism of the track which is really relatable. Palma is capable of creating engaging lyrics that tell a captivating story. If you don’t feel a connection with this single, I honestly would have no words for you.

Ryan Palma uses an intoxicating blend of nostalgic rock with uplifting lyricism for the energetic boost that is ‘Shift’. The single is intoxicating from start to finish. From the crunching guitars to the groovy guitars and punchy vocals, there is something for everyone to love.

Find out more about Ryan Palma on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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