SAHARAS – Feel Better (2019)

SAHARAS is a four-piece alt-rock band from Windsor. They are set to release their new single ‘Feel Better’ on September 27th, 2019. The group consists of Nando Rocha (vocals/guitar/synths), Dan Lisle (drums/backing vocals), Matt Elrick (bass) and Alex Lisle (guitar/backing vocals).

The track kicks off with fantastic guitar riffs and synth sounds. It has a great 80s sound with outstanding vocals. The song is about emotion, sensations and generally feeling happy. It has a great drum beat and strong bass lines – a very Depeche Mode feeling. The chorus is very catchy, with a soothing sound. It sounds like it’s set on a lovely sunny summer day with the birds chirping at the start.

The overall feel of the song is the sensation of summertime. It is a great song to play if you’re hanging out with your friends on a warm day and chilling. This track has the potential to be a hit with its soothing, gentle rock sounds, catchy chorus, great guitar riffs and vocals.

To engage with SAHARAS, please check out their Facebook and Twitter.

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