Yasmine Gill – Feel (2021)

Known for her sultry, soulful and soothing music, UK-based Yasmine Gill is a singer-songwriter with a sensational sound. Gill entered the music industry at the tender age of 18 and has performed with various bands at notable venues like Nathan Phillips Square and Le Ministere in Canada; however, it is her solo project that we are looking at here. Gill may be skilled as a live performer, but she is turning heads with original releases showcasing her prowess off the stage. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed repertoire is the single ‘Feel’.

Following her soulful single ‘Blind’ (read our review here), Gill takes on a Sade meets Alicia Keys tone in her latest track ‘Feel’. Influenced by Norah Jones, there is a definite obscurity in her music with a true uniqueness to the single. Yes, there are several signature elements in ‘Feel’; however, it is her conceptual approach to the melody that truly intrigues me. Unlike ‘Blind’ which incorporated synth beats in the track, ‘Feel’ is completely acoustic blending guitars, piano and drums into a minimalist design. It is as if she is looking to find the beauty in organic music and bring it to the fore for everyone to enjoy – a task she has successfully completed.

The melody has tenderness in its harmonies, but it is Gill’s charming vocals that truly captures the life in both sonic and lyrical content. Gill explains that ‘Feel’ “is about losing the senses, such as touch, sight and sound at a very low point in life. A place that can often seem insurmountable”. This concept is clearly heard in the darker, murkier and haunting acid jazz meets blues. The thing is, while there is a despair in the tune ‘Feel’ also pushes a message of sincere empowerment and optimism making the song an emotional catharsis – something many people living in this uncertain time feel and need.

Profound, sincere and sentimental, Yasmine Gill leans forward and hugs you to her bosom in the intimate single ‘Feel’.

For more from Yasmine Gill check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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