Satre – Feel the Beats (2020)

Are you looking for music that is a pure expression of emotion? Look no further than ‘Feel the Beats’ by Satre. Blending an eclectic mix of influences, she wraps you in her emotions while bringing your own to the fore. A heady listening experience, this single offers a sonic journey that you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

After learning the piano at an early age, Satre started composing songs for theatre. Using a grand style, she started hooking listeners with her first single in 2019. Since then, she has been branching out with fusion soundscapes that touch something deep inside. If you are searching for something new and unique, you will not be disappointed.

‘Feel the Beats’ vibrates and pulses against your ears with some 80s vibes in the opening. The popping vibes combine with shuffling tones and electronic touched vocals for an encompassing experience. There is a unique flow to the music that washes over you and pulls you under. You can almost touch the different genre influences, but they all merge into a pulsing whole that is a true listening experience.

As the melody vibrates and pulses against your senses, Satre’s vocals add to the heady experience. Her voice weaves between the beats for a performance that slides through your fingers when you try to grab onto it. The electronic edge to her vocals works so well with the vibes of the track. There are a few vocal layers that add texture to the music while keeping you engaged. The title of the track perfectly captures the vibe of the song as you feel the beats through your body.

Satre takes you on a journey into a unique soundscape for a heady and encompassing listening experience with ‘Feel the Beats’. With a touch of 80s, she inundates you with her electric sound. The pulsing beats work with the vocals to weave around you as you are pulled further into her music.

Find out more about Satre on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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