Say Kids – Hootie Hoo (2020)

Say Kids is an acid indie outfit formed in 2018 when Peyton Smith and William Cheatham met at university. Drummer Matt Gay and bassist Oliver Finch soon joined the pair and moved from LA to Nashville. Since then, the band have become local Nashville favourites and played non-stop shows making them a staple of the underground scene.

Their new single ‘Hootie Hoo’ was released in May and is a step into dance-based alternative rock. The track was recorded at the iconic Ocean Way Studios and showcases the raw talent of Say Kids. The song is disco-heavy with a modern alternative rock twist and a splash of psychedelic musings.

‘Hootie Hoo’ hits you with a funky start that shows the disco influence of the track. The vocals are a twisting modern alternative rock that blends with the catchy hooks. The rhythm of the track makes you want to move to the beat. The song is so catchy it stays in your head long after it has ended.

The lyrics of the track are a psychedelic musing of life. Say Kids show what they have to offer with this song as they push the boundaries. It is a perfectly crafted catchy track that you can easily listen to on repeat.

Say Kids gets you moving with ‘Hootie Hoo’ by combining funky vocals with catchy hooks. The song is a great modern alternative rock track with a dash of disco and fun thrown into the mix.

Find out more about Say Kids on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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