Sean at the Hotel – I’m the Montparnasse Tower (2021)

Sean at the Hotel is taking a very novel approach to addressing the struggles we all face with fitting in. With his single ‘I’m the Montparnasse Tower’, he has the Paris skyscraper imaging itself as a human who is trying to fit in at a birthday party. With a blast of full-on pop, he uses an interesting concept to address a very real issue that many people face.

You might know Sean from the band A Lovely War, but his solo music a bit different. From avant-garde electronic Christmas EPs to this blast of pure pop, he has you moving to his rhythms while seriously considering the undertones of the songs. Blending electronic and art-pop, he pulls on strong melodies and interesting time changes for a really engaging experience.

‘I’m the Montparnasse Tower’ is really interesting from the first moment. The melody has a bright pop bounce to it that is a little at odds with the melancholic lyrics and vocals. The movement of the music has you swaying with it and your foot tapping. When the chorus hits, you are met with a cascading roll of tones that brings a whole new feeling to the music. It is a rather complex and strong melody that is used to perfection in the track. The electronic notes are bright energy while the strings bring a sense of uncertainty.

The unique movements of the melody and bright energy highlights the melancholy of the vocals. Sean’s vocals have a rather wistful feeling to them as he brings the thoughts of the tower to your ears. He paints the picture of what the tower wants so perfectly before touching on the emotions that we all connect with. The chorus is as vibrant as the melody as he ruminates over being an awkward building only to accept that he has something beautiful that others don’t.

Sean at the Hotel uses an interesting perspective to fill you with acceptance over who you are while touching on the awkwardness many feel in ‘I’m the Montparnasse Tower’. The melody is so delightfully unique that you can’t help but smile as you listen. The vocals bring melancholy to the bright pop tones while touching on a deep topic with a fun edge.

Find out more about Sean at the Hotel on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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