Point Lobo – Broken Parts (2021)

The last year has been a desperate time for many people and this has lead to their mental health suffering. This is something that Point Lobo understands and brings to light with his single ‘Broken Parts’. There is a real relatability to the single as it dives into the emotions and struggles that many of us have felt in the not so distant past.

While Miles Senzaki, the man behind the music, is possibly best known as the drummer for legendary hip-hop group The Pharcyde, his solo music takes a more pop tone. With some wavy lo-fi vibes, he brings vivid imagery to your brain while letting you know you are not alone in your struggles. If the single on its own is not enough to get you engaged, the official music video may be. The anime-inspired video is fun to watch while bringing the struggles of the single to visual life.

‘Broken Parts’ uses a building opening that swells in your ears before the melodics break through. You easily get the lo-fi vibes of the track in the opening before they drop for a tight arrangement and production. The plucking tones of the music have a creeping feeling with a slight darkness to them. Over this are some easier vibes that mellow out the plucky notes. Together, they form a wonderful sonic representation of mental health and the struggles that people face.

Senzaki’s vocals have an almost nonchalant feeling to them as he lays everything out. There is a frank vibe to the performance that brings a sense of understanding. Through his delivery, he lets you know that the struggles you face are more common than you think and not something you should be ashamed of. On the chorus, his vocals get a pleading feeling as he asks to help with your struggles.

Point Lobo brings struggles with mental health to sonic glory while offering a sense of understanding in ‘Broken Parts’. The layers of the melody bring light and dark moments of struggles to your ears while the vocals are both understanding and pleading. Through his performance, he asks to help and guides you to a safe place for addressing your own struggles.

Find out more about Point Lobo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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