RockCounsellor – Laura (2021)

We learnt a lot about RockCounsellor when we had the chance to chat with him about his debut album. Now, we are diving into his new music with the single ‘Laura’ which was inspired by another song written by the man behind the music Thoby Burton. As his first release since his debut album, he wonders whether Laura has been able to escape the darkness of his original song and find the happiness she wants.

The single also continues the successful collaboration between RockCounsellor and producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Campbell. Together, they have created a wonderfully reflective yet upbeat soundscape that most of us can relate to. While inspired by the single ‘Ship in the Night’, you don’t have to know that one to understand the lyrics and context of this track.

The guitars that open ‘Laura’ gets you bopping and rocking out to them before the new wave touches come through. There is a retro feeling to the lower levels of the melody that pulses through your senses with the synths. The music has a really catchy vibe that has you wanting to move around to it. When the synths pulse through the soundscape, they have an almost orchestral feeling to them. This adds texture and richness to the melody which, in turn, adds emphasis to the lyrics and vocals. It is a really catchy and engaging soundscape that has you hooked from the first moment to the very last.

The retro vibes of the melody are enhanced by the vocals that bring a very 80s vibe to the song. The lyrics give you the context of the reflection of the track before moving to wondering what has happened since then. There is a really bright feeling to the track that has the vocals bouncing off the upbeat movement of the melody. This is a really fun song to listen to as you connect with the lyrics and get a little lost in the overall movement of the single. The chorus will definitely have you singing along and hoping that Laura found what she always wanted.

RockCounsellor has you bopping to retro vibes, singing along on the chorus and wondering what happened to ‘Laura’. The melody is infectious and engaging as it pulses through you with some synth-rock tones and vintage vibes. The vocals are catchy while offering context and muse over what happened to Laura.

Find out more about RockCounsellor on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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