See Your Shadow – Simple Special Moment (2022)

Every interaction we have with other people has the potential of being a special moment or a memory that we never really forget. All these little exchanges have been picked up by See Your Shadow and turned into the aptly titled ‘Simple Special Moment’. Touching on the people who make an impression on us whether they mean to or not, they delve into the human experience.

After starting its life as a single line written down on a cocktail napkin, the single has grown into something that we can all relate to. Following on from the success of their previous releases, this musical collective is just moving from strength to strength. They have seen their music land in the top positions of iTunes Country Singles Chart and they have been named group of the year by The International Music Association.

‘Simple Special Moment’ strums into your ear with a moving guitar line. There is a great movement to the line as the guitar strums with picked notes rising from this. The flow of the music picks up as the drums tap their way into the low levels and get you moving to the sound. Everything rises for the chorus as it breaks into a glittering explosion of good vibes. There is something woven into the music that makes you smile as you think about the special moments highlighted by the vocals. The music has a touch of country to its sound but this is woven into a captivating folk-rock vibe.

As the blend of country, folk and rock makes its way into your soul, the vocals bring an extra hit of earthy country. His voice has a warm timbre that wraps around you and pulls you into the story of the lyrics. Through each word, he infuses a feeling of happiness that only comes from special moments that you will never forget. While the lyrics drop you into individual moments, there is something wonderfully human about each experience as he brings the emotions to life. It is so easy to feel as though you have gone through the experiences yourself just by listening to his performance.

See Your Shadow has you feeling the good vibes of special moments that you remember for a long time in ‘Simple Special Moment’. The melody is a catchy mixture of country, folk and rock that sweeps through your senses. His vocals bring an extra touch of country while filling you with the emotions of the memories he brings to life.

Find out more about See Your Shadow on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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