Serena Sophia – Butterfly (2021)

With her single ‘Diary of Thoughts’, Serena Sophia took the hurt and pain of the past and turned it into an uplifting debut. This movement from negative emotion to something positive continues with her single ‘Butterfly’. Through the touching track, she immerses listeners in emotions and helps them work through the feelings to come out better at the end.

This process draws on a personal one as the lyrics wrap around the thoughts and words she spoke to herself to help her get through a tough time. Using butterflies as a metaphor for everything in life, she brings vivid imagery to a rather dreamy soundscape. Adding in her stunning soulful edge, she turns even the hardest of times into a moment to learn about ourselves and move forward with a strength we never knew we had.

‘Butterfly’ has a really light opening that is full of shimmering feelings and delicate piano runs. The lapping of the piano over the drums is relaxing and has you sinking into them. As the chorus takes over, the beats have a heavier presence but the lulling vibe of the music remains. it is a wonderfully rich soundscape that edges the border of contemplative while surrounding you with cotton softness. The steadiness of the music lets Sophia’s vocals really shine and pull you into the thoughts of the lyrics.

Her vocals add to the richness of the soundscape with a soulful flow that is rather undeniable. While the music is tender and rich, the lyrics have a sadder edge than you might imagine. The struggles of life fill the verses before the chorus embraces all the emotions we encounter throughout the day. In the chorus, she encourages us to embrace these emotions and acknowledge that we all have bruises but that does not mean we cannot move on to something better. The metaphor of butterflies is artfully introduced and flutter against you to empower and strengthen you.

Serena Sophia wraps soulful vocals around embracing emotions and sets it to the delicate melody of ‘Butterfly’. The music is tender and light as it invites you to sink into the soundscape. Sophia’s vocals are soulful, emotive and utterly wonderful as she fills you with empowerment and light.

Find out more about Serena Sophia on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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