Charlie John – Little Things (2021)

While there are a lot of songs out there about breakups, Charlie John is focusing on something a little different. ‘Little Things’ brings the pain of heartbreak to the realisation that you miss the little things that an ex used to do. This is tempered with the knowledge that you never thought you would miss these actions.

While he dips into a well-known theme, there is something unique and natural about his take on a breakup. Drawing on his passion for melodies, he adds his experience on The Voice and having won at the 2016 Ohio Music Awards. A winner of the Grand Prize in the Songdoor 2016 International Songwriting Competition, he showcases so much depth of musical knowledge and emotional power through the touching strains of this single.

‘Little Things’ uses an acoustic line to open with a touch of melancholy and pain. There is a tenderness to the soundscape that sweeps into the ether with a sadness that reaches into your chest and tugs at your emotions. The lighter tones come in with a delicate caress that adds to the emotive power of the track. As the single progresses, the emotions of the music gain momentum and the beats shuffle against your senses. Through the music, you can feel the moments when you expect something to happen and know it is not coming because the person is no longer around. When the saxophone comes it, everything is just taken up to eleven as it calls mournfully through the soundscape. This is an amazing melody that is powerful and poignant while allowing the vocals to really shine.

John’s vocals are subdued and whispered as he enters about the end of a relationship and the changes this brings. You can hear the pain and sadness through his performance. When the higher melodic notes come in, his voice rises to match with a shivering tenderness and perfection. If the melody is powerful, his vocals are the final flairs of a masterpiece. He effortlessly draws you into the track and fills every inch of you with the emotions of the track. As the melody rises, he pours all his heartbreak and yearning for what once was. This is tempered with the knowledge that things have to change even when you don’t want them to.

Charlie John tugs at your emotions with the absolute masterpiece that is his single ‘Little Things’ which touches on yearning, pain and heartbreak. The melody sweeps through you with touches of melancholy and pain before dropping you into a well of emotion. John’s vocals are delicate and captivating as he draws you into the moment and unleashes all his emotions through the soundscape.

Find out more about Charlie John on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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