Lisa Akuah – Bubbles (2020)

Lisa Akuah is holding nothing back in her critical observation of people who live on the thin layer of a soapy surface. In her single ‘Bubbles’, she looks at the bubble these people stand in which at any moment could burst sending them into the cold reality of the world. While a critical look, the song has a lightness to it forming a tongue-in-cheek ballad that is rather enthralling.

The single follows her successful debut ‘Natural Worrier’. Taking a step away from the years of living in a scholarly environment, Akuah is exploring her folk roots and expressing herself. The single comes with an accompanying music video that captures the critical yet light-hearted core of the song.

‘Bubbles’ opens with a gentle guitar line that softly draws you into the world of the single. When Akuah’s vocals enter, they are a natural extension of the guitar melody. There is a tenderness to her performance as she starts talking to the people living in bubbles. The flowing melody of her performance is easy to float to.

The tenderness of her vocals is matched by the melody. The soft guitar lines of the opening continue throughout the song to draw you in. It is very easy to get caught up in this song as you relax. The melody and vocals combine beautifully to take you on a folk journey that you can’t help but like. There is something old-school about the way this song is structured that drives the message home.

The music video for the single has a very simple premise. You see Akuah singing while surrounded by bubbles. While this might seem a little simple, it works perfectly with the gentleness of the song. You are also able to focus on the vocals and message of the song more.

Lisa Akuah uses her single ‘Bubbles’ to take a critical look at people who live in their own bubble. While critical, there is an easiness to the single that you can relax into. There is also a bit of light-heartedness to the song that lifts the vibe.

Find out more about Lisa Akuah on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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