Sheerdell – Lull (2020)

Hailing from Perth, Sheerdell is a multi-instrumentalist who creates music based on spontaneity. While he has only ever finished three tracks, he is ready to captivate with his latest release ‘Lull’. The track is the first he has made which he enjoys listening to multiple times.

The song is mostly about feeling terrible as he was hungover and it was very cold when he created the track. To make things a little better, the song is a lullaby of sorts that anyone can connect with and enjoy.

‘Lull’ has a gentle opening that puts you at ease and lets you relax into the rest of the song. This melody remains for the entire track and highlights the idea that this single is a sort of lullaby. At no point does the melody become overwhelming and it seems reminiscent of a gently flowing river.

The instrumental nature of the track actually allows it to achieve its goal much better than if there had been lyrics. You can easily put your head back and close your eyes while listening to the song. The interesting thing is that you do not realise you have been listening to this gentle melody for over two minutes before it ends.

Sheerdell relaxes you and helps you calm down and float along to ‘Lull’. The track is gentle on your senses and would make the perfect background for meditation or simply relaxing after a stressful day.

Find out more about Sheerdell on his Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

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