Split Persona – On Your Own (2021)

When Split Persona released their self-titled EP, they really set the bar quite high for any future releases. With ‘On Your Own’, we get to see if they have lived up to the expectations the EP created. The single does return with their infectious sound, which seems like it is here to stay. While getting you grooving to their music, they fill you with the energy of singing in the shower or screaming to music in your car.

With an addictive blend of alternative rock, they hook you in with catchy melodies and rocking guitars. While continuing the infectious sound of their last EP, this track also gives you a taster of what their new album will sound like. If you are in the mood to rock out and go a little crazy, this is the single for you.

‘On Your Own’ calls to you with a really catchy guitar line that runs at you from the distance before throwing you into the groovy movement of the melody. The guitars pulse and rock against your senses while filling your soul with an energy that is just bursting to get out. The movement of the melody is as infectious as we have come to expect from the band. The energy of the track vibrates in your veins before the guitar riffs play with your senses. There is this run of guitar that taps across your shoulders sending shivers of pleasure down your spine.

As you are thoroughly hooked by the melody, Zander Hoschak’s vocals crook a finger at you and beckon you further into their thrall. The lyrics of the track bring a freeing energy that soars against the energy of the track. Through this energy, the lyrics see you moving on from a bad relationship and snarling in the face of someone who has been playing with your emotions. Hoschak’s vocals growl as you are led to the chorus where they truly fly. You are going to feel the urge to shout with him on the chorus while quickly clicking the repeat button to listen to the track again and again.

Split Persona keeps up the pace with the infectious guitars, growling melodics and energy of ‘On Your Own’. The single vibrates through your soul with an undeniable energy before making you sing along to the chorus. Woven into this energetic rock frenzy is a freeing tale brought to our ears by the irresistible vocals of Hoschak.

Find out more about Split Persona on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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