Stuart Brignell ft Ray HMND – Grey Skies (2021)

Stuart Brignell with the help of rapper Ray HMND is taking you on a journey of trials and tribulations with his debut single ‘Grey Skies’. Using various influences, they weave a tale of the last year and the experience of being black in North America. Hitting your ears with some ethereal saxophone notes combined with slapping drums and potent vocals, they fill you with the imbalances of the world.

The single combines the musical powers of both artists for a timeless yet modern sound. With the multi-instrumentation of Brignell weaving an intricate soundscape for Ray HMND’s vocals to shine, they thrust you into their messaging and bring light to a world of increasing darkness. The two different musical languages they represent come together for a shared goal showing all of us what is possible.

‘Grey Skies’ pulls you into a rather jazzy soundscape with a delicate twinkling opening. This merges with some more shuffling hip-hop beats for a delightful fusion soundscape. The lower levels of the melody are all instrumental goodness while the higher levels are a shuffle of grittier urban tones. There is something soulful about the combination. The saxophone that rises from the back of the track is hauntingly beautiful and enhances the jazzy soulfulness of the single. At times, the saxophone acts as a reply to the rap vocals which is amazing. The two styles come together so perfectly that you can’t help but sink into the vibes of the music.

Ray HMND’s rap vocals have this wonderful conscious hip-hop tone that effortlessly draws your attention to the lyrics. As you are drawn into the vocal performance, the flow rides the more neo-soul vibes wonderfully. The rap weaves into the drums while working their emotive magic on you. There is a lot you can connect with in the lyrics as they touch on the many issues 2020 brought to the fore.

Stuart Brignell and Ray HMND join forces and combine their differing styles for a timeless yet modern sound in ‘Grey Skies’. Brignell’s debut single effortlessly highlights the troubles in the world while sinking into you with jazzy goodness. Ray HMND’s rap vocals flow perfectly over the soulful instrumentation for a perfect fusion of sound.

Find out more about Stuart Brignell on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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