Switchdown – Without It (2020)

If you are trapped in lockdown lethargy, Switchdown has an adrenaline injection for you. Their new single ‘Without It’ packs a high-energy kick into the expansive sound which will shove you out of the lockdown blues. Rediscovering their roots, the band bypasses the disappointments of daily life for some good times spent with friends.

The Leicester trio, Sam (vocals, guitar), Joe (drums) and Harry (bass), first hit the scene in 2018 as a group of friends just having a good time while jamming on a similar wavelength. Their energetic sound has seen them support alternative rock stalwarts Mallory Knox and pop-punk icons Can’t Swim. Now they are throwing their creative skills at you to provide the boost many of us need right now.

‘Without It’ hits you with their energetic sound from almost the first note of the track. The beats pound through you while the guitars fly against your senses. The energetic flow of the track has you moving whether you are in a lockdown daze or not. There is an infectious vibe to the melody that gets your feet tapping before the chorus has your whole body moving. The engaging instrumentation pumps adrenaline directly into your veins while you have a great time getting down to the music.

Sam’s vocals have an almost anthemic vibe to them as they rock along the top line. The catchiness of the melody continues with his performance as he encourages you to shrug off the daily disappointments and move forward. The driving melody is tempered slightly by the flow of his performance. His voice acts like a hand grabbing yours as you run toward something new and exciting.

Switchdown shoves lockdown lethargy to the side with the sonic adrenaline shot that is their single ‘Without It’. The melody gets your heart pumping from the start and only gives you more energy as you listen. The vocals soar to anthemic heights while dusting the last of the cobwebs from your brain.

Find out more about Switchdown on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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