Jack Hinks – Jigsaw (2020)

Jack Hinks is a soulful, impassioned singer-songwriter with a unique genre-defying sound. Hailing from the UK, this Edinburgh-based artist is known for his eclectic, endearing and impassioned music. A common name among different scenes throughout the UK, Hinks is making waves nationally and internationally featured in The Skinny, Right Chord Music, New Found Sound and The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!). The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Jigsaw’.

Using personal experiences to develop insightful material, Hinks has touched on issues regarding mental health, modern society, isolation, loss and grief. Following his critically acclaimed track ‘Los Angeles’ where he explores alienation in contemporary society, ‘Jigsaw’ takes a more optimistic stance promoting inner-worth. Yet, it is not only the mature content that shows Hinks’ astute review of physical and emotional realities but the harmonic melody that enhances the concept.

Showcasing his innovativeness and versatility as a musician, Hinks fuses elements of blues, soul, rock and funk in ‘Jigsaw’. While a guitar-driven track – with an outstanding guitar solo reminiscent of an early Eric Clapton – the track includes steady drums, dynamic bass with a moving violin. A solo artist, the majority of Hinks’ singles focus on his dulcet tones; however, the addition of female vocals increases the warmth, substance and endearment of ‘Jigsaw’.

Harmonic, melodic and heartwarming, Jack Hinks has outdone himself with the latest track. American slam poet Neil Hilborn once described Jack Hinks as “good as fuck” and I have to adamantly agree with his assessment.

For more from Jack Hinks check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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