Temperature Falls – Apology (2022)

Temperature Falls was borne of a serendipitous meeting between singer-songwriter Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian Ward approximately four years ago. It was in 2018 that the duo forged a boundary-breaking bond to create unique, eclectic music that would not be forgotten any time soon. From their singles ‘Don’t Think I’m Shallow’ to ‘Hide’, we have followed the Norway-based pair’s progress praising them at every turn. Yet, we are not the only ones singing their praises as they captivate critics across the globe from Rising Artists Blog to Find No Enemy and Edgar Allan Poets. The most recent release from Temperature Falls is the single ‘Apology’.

Following their release ‘Hide’ (read our review here), Temperature Falls adopts a darker synth-pop sound in ‘Apology’. While the track is strongly synth-laden creating an obscure ambience, Ward inserts guitars and drums adding on a rock-inspired sentiment to the song. What I find intriguing about ‘Apology’ and most of Temperature Falls’ music is how they use textured layers to build an almost unsteady melody, but at the same time have a flowing arrangement to the song. Add Camilla’s vocals to this eclectic mishmash and you have a haunting, mind-bending and kaleidoscopic track for all to enjoy.

The melody may be hypnotic, but it is the lyricism that takes the song to a more intimate level. Temperature Falls shares that ‘Apology’ is “about the utter disdain you can have for someone you love when they hurt you and you get this really poor apology you can feel is just words with no remorse behind them.” The innovativeness of the artists is evident when you take the meaning and see (or rather hear) how it aligns with the dark, dull and mist-filled sound. The mood is certainly palpable, and the emotion is quite tangible for all to hear and feel.

In addition to their single, Temperature Falls released an official music video for ‘Apology’. You can view the video below or on their official YouTube Channel.

For more from Temperature Falls check out their official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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