The Amber Bugs – Pricks 2020 (2020)

Are you looking for a song that is thoughtful, exciting and just a little bit weird? Then ‘Pricks 2020’ from The Amber Bugs is probably the song that you have been searching for. Taking their unique ska sound and blending it with rock and jazz, Ben Kelly (vocals, guitar), Teresa Kelly (bass, vocals), Sam James (keys, trumpet, accordion, vocals), Thomas Bradley (trumpet) and Jeremy Libre (drums) are here to prove that subtlety is overrated. They are throwing everything at you for an angst-driven yet playful single.

This is not the first time The Amber Bugs have thrown their favourite sounds into a musical mixing pot. Their previous releases have garnered them acclaim on the new music scene. As the leading single for their EP The Year of the Rat, this single really sets the bar high.

You can hear the jazz influences from the first notes of ‘Pricks 2020’ with the horns that grab you and make you move. This leads you to Kelly’s vocals pouring over you and drawing you into the lyrics. The piano lines on the track add this amazing funky feeling to the song that is so infectious. While there are a lot of layers to the melody, each element stands out while working together to make the most engaging song you can imagine. The horn lines and solos are so amazing and something you don’t hear that often which makes them even more enjoyable.

While you have a good time with the melody and feel like dancing, the lyrics are full of angst and anger. This plays wonderfully against the playful music to create a feeling of frustration at the annoying people listed in the lyrics. While it is possible that you are going to get caught up in the melody and musicality of the track, take the time to listen to the lyrics because they are wonderful.

‘Pricks 2020’ by The Amber Bugs is playful yet aggressive as it airs frustration at annoying people while giving you something to dance to. This song is ridiculously infectious and enjoyable to listen to. If you want a song you can easily listen to on repeat, this is the one.

Find out more about The Amber Bugs on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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