Youth Antics – This Moment (2021)

Looking to the future is something that we all do at some point, but there is something to be said about focusing on the present. ‘This Moment’ by Youth Antics considers the feeling this brings through an engaging alternative rock sound. With a touch of new wave, the band pulls you into the emotions of living in the moment and all the pleasures this can bring.

Derek Luna (vocals, bass), Dylan Nicholas (guitar), Cameron Luna (drums) and Panagiotis Bell (rhythm guitar) met while studying music theory at Manatee School of the Arts. Drawing on influential new wave bands including Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and The Cure, they mix a retro sound with something modern.

‘This Moment’ opens with a wave of delightful guitars and light cymbals. This soars into something more as new lines of guitar enter and slices through you with a new wave burst. There is a light feeling to the melody that lets you soak in the lyrics and vocals. The melody has a light dip before picking up again. The rise and fall of the instrumentation offer a forward pulse that fills you with the joy of living in the moment.

While the melody is engaging, the vocals cap everything off for a truly exciting listening experience. Luna’s voice draws you into the lyrics from the first word as he encourages you to take stock of the present. There is a fun vibe to his vocals as he fills you with a thirst for life while acknowledging that we often look to the future at the expense of right now. There is also a great call out in his vocals for someone who makes the present feel worthwhile.

Youth Antics use a wave of guitars and engaging vocals to keep you enthralled by the lively ‘This Moment’. As the band considers living in the present, they offer a call to someone who makes it worthwhile and pump good vibes into you. This is a great track that you engage with on a number of levels.

Find out more about Youth Antics on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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