The Foolks – The Most Beautiful Queen (2020)

Second chances and the opportunity to try something again are the basis of The Foolks’ debut single. ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’ discusses the chance of trying something again after a failure and looks at how everyone can achieve their dreams even when you are down. The powerful message of the single is propelled by the equally hefty melody and vocals.

If not for the pandemic, this song might never have seen the light of day. Formed by Emmanuel Dron (guitar), the band includes of Jamie Wiltshire (vocals), Andrew Picha (drums) and Charles Berthoud (bass). With an abundance of music experience between them, this group of musicians from across the world have worked together to create a single that is soulful and punchy.

‘The Most Beautiful Queen’ captures you with a very Rolling Stones style sound. While this melody gets you into the single, Wiltshire’s smooth vocals draw you further into the band’s sound and the song. His vocals are easy on the ears and help you get involved in the story of the queen of the single. Her story is wonderfully told through the lyrics. While you listen to her tale, the message of the track creeps through.

The lyrics are beautifully paired with a melody that has an amazing depth. The bass and drums give the melody this rhythm that you can’t help but move to. The drums have a slight jazzy note to them that melds with Wiltshire’s soulful vocals to create this unbelievably smooth sound.

Using the tale of ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’, The Foolks give you the boost you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and head down the path of your dreams. The single is smooth from the opening note to the very end. The soulful vocals combine with jazzy tones and melodic depth to grab and hold you.

Find out more about The Foolks on their Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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