The Giant Low – Gates of Hell (2020)

Living in a time of uncertainty with Covid-19 lockdowns, quarantines, vaccine shortages and lots of other life-affecting consequences, it can be difficult to find anything good; however, this doesn’t mean all good things have come to an end. Formed in December 2020, The Netherlands-based alternative rock group The Giant Low is sharing their music with the masses. From the UK’s It’s All Indie and Eat This Metal to Dutch blog Poppunt Gelderland, the talented quartet is making waves on an international level. May we introduce you to the band with their debut single ‘Gates of Hell’.

Beginning their career with a bang, The Giant Low fuse hard rock with melodic metal in their single ‘Gates of Hell’. Combining dynamic guitars with powerful drumming and bold vocals, ‘Gates of Hell’ shows strong similarities to System of a Down, Stone Sour and Three Days Grace. Yet, while there is a cohesive crescendo mid-song showcasing the group’s forceful energy, the track is oddly simplistic in design. Expertly arranged, each instrument is offered prominence and focus throughout the three-minute track without being disjointed.

The melody does have a hypnotic quality to it, but it is the vocals that truly captivate a listener. Slightly throaty with a deep richness and endearing Dutch-inflexion, Magnus Malte Olsson’s voice enhances the poignancy of the track with lingering melancholy. The harmonic intertwining of Olsson’s baritone with the moving instrumentation can stir one’s soul while sending shivers up your spine.

Side note: The Giant Low released an official music video for ‘Gates of Hell’. You can see it here.

For more from The Giant Low check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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