The Islas – All The Same (2021)

Having already passed across our virtual desk, we are well-versed in the style of The Islas or at least I thought so. Placing tender vocals atop passionate melodies, the UK-based quartet has a specific indie-rock sound; however, their transition from genre to genre makes them quite unique. Featured on Talk About Pop Music, Up and Coming, Unheard Gems, The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!) and various online radio stations/podcasts, the Norwich team are reaching audiences on both an underground and mainstream level. The latest addition to their discography is ‘All The Same’.

Following their well-received track ‘The Absence of You’, Nathan Baverstock once again reflects on the effects of living through Covid-19 lockdowns. In ‘All The Same’, the group touches on the concept of isolation and the emotional consequences when living in such a state. Baverstock explains that “the track [‘All The Same’] was written in the depth of isolation…I was so lost, so scared of what was next for me and not having any direction in life…”

A simplistic single, ‘All The Same’ has a melancholic ballad feel to it. Great prominence is given to Ed Chalu’s drumming, but all the instrumentation seems to come together in an effortless, languid way. Unlike the upbeat, although quite melancholic itself, ‘The Absence of You’, the new single showcases vulnerability in its innovative manner. Yet, while the track’s lyricism exposes the fragility of a person lost in isolation, there is a thread of shimmering empowerment in the song. Baverstock shares that he “…remembers sitting down and penning these lyrics; it felt quite sombre but it felt like a kind of a cleanse.”

Joining Baverstock on vocals is the unsigned artist Emily Parish. Using a personal narrative, you connect easily with the emotive tale and Parish’s light vocals adds extra tenderness to the song. Blending well with Baverstocks dulcet tones and the heartfelt melody, Parish showcases a sentimentality and soothing nature to the bare-bones track. Filled with sincerity and genuineness, ‘All The Same’ finds the delicate balance between nostalgic angst and uplifting optimism.

For more from The Islas check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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