The Silver Bayonets – Amplified (2020)

Living in London there are three young gents and a beautiful lady who have been pounding out powerful pop-rock sounds since 2012. They are known as The Silver Bayonets. Blending catchy hooks with powerful vocals, The Silver Bayonets have built a strong reputation for themselves throughout the UK. Receiving coverage on national radio stations, appearing on television broadcasts across Europe, performing at the Camden Rocks Festival, and even contributing to Ginger Wildheart’s solo album Headzapoppin, these lads are stomping their way to the top. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Amplified’.

‘Amplified’ is the third of nine singles to be released by the group in 2020, preceded by ‘Falling’ and ‘Awake’. The plan is to release nine singles throughout the year as build-up to the concept album Unfolding. A ‘full steam ahead’ guitar-driven track, ‘Amplified’ is both a melodically uplifting single, but with a sombre lyrical element.

Using strong guitar riffs, with some impressive solos by guitarist Gen Ding, ‘Amplified’ is an excellent example of traditional pop-rock. Of course, being traditional does not mean you are ‘boring’ and definitely not in the case of The Silver Bayonets. Steady drums underline dynamic guitars with powerful vocals to form a sound that makes me a little nostalgic for the iconic pop-rock bands of the 1990s and early 2000s. However, it’s not all about good melodies, the lyrics are always important; though, I figure even an instrumental from The Silver Bayonets would bring a smile to my face.

As I mentioned, lyrically ‘Amplified’ is quite serious and sombre. Exploring our ingrained perceptions that turn out to be complete lies, The Silver Bayonets pose the question of whether adjusting core values could help you live your best life. It is a weighty contemplation, but the melodic hooks and catchy vocals make your four minutes of questioning a little more enjoyable.

Kabir Sheikh’s intense vocals combine well with the energetic instrumentation displaying their passion for the music and message. Sheikh sings that the “good times seem so fleeting and the bad times seem to last” – if you keep The Silver Bayonets anthemic ‘Amplified’ on repeat those good times will last much, much longer.

Find out more about The Silver Bayonets on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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