Pretoria – Gently (2019)

Pretoria is a three-piece alternative rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They were formed in 2018 and they take their name from the capital city of South Africa. Recently, they released a new single called ‘Gently’.

The track starts with gentle guitar riffs and a drumbeat; then, the vocals kick in and are great. ‘Gently’ is a sad love song. He sings about how he feels living with the love he has resulting in a happy ending. He also sings about how he has to keep pretending everything is going to be alright; how he thinks that his love has a jar of hearts and it’s becoming heavy. He wants her to talk to him gently. The backing vocals are great with a strong and catchy bassline.

‘Gently’ is a soft rock song with good vocals and a catchy chorus. The lyrics are enjoyable and it’s definitely a song with big potential.

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