The Swedish Railway Orchestra – Fallen Devil (2022)

From the creative prowess of The Swedish Railway Orchestra comes the driving electric anthem ‘Fallen Devil’. Originally the garage punk track ‘I Don’t Want To Know What’s Her Problem’, the single was given a new lease on life when Rob Smith, the man behind the orchestra, challenged himself. Transforming the single from the punk tones of the original to the disco and electronic pop-infused track of today, he gets you moving to his rhythm while in awe of his musical abilities.

Initially part of a DJ duo, Smith struck out on his own and started up this musical project for all his dark club vibes and odd remixes. Since then, he has released three studio albums with a new one on the way in the coming months. With hit after hit on the dancefloor, his music sweeps through you and has you lost in the electrifying movements.

‘Fallen Devil’ hits you with a rather funky groove from the first moment. There is something about the music that gets you moving to the sound before you know what your muscles are up to. The deep beat and jangle vibrate into a synth pulse that sweeps through you. You can feel the influence of disco in the music but there is something wonderfully modern washing over the retro touches. As the chorus hits, there is an extra wavering line that adds to the moving vibes of the music. The beats that initially hook you remain throughout the track only to be joined by a dancing guitar line that twirls around you and makes you want to mimic it as you dance.

The fusion of modern and retro threaded into this single is picked up by the vocals as they haze over the driving beats. The light echo of the chorus has your brain reaching out to embrace the performance. As with the melody, there is something addictive to the vocal performance that will have you singing out with Smith before the song is over. This catchy vibe is particularly potent in the chorus as you cry out and na-na with him. The story of the single is easy to fall into while you get swept up in the creativity and musicality of the melody.

The Swedish Railway Orchestra has you dancing to his music and singing along to the vocals in the addictive ‘Fallen Devil’. The melody sinks its hooks into you from the first deep beat and keeps you moving from start to finish. The vocals haze over the beats and turn the addictive energy up to 11 while making you want to sing along.

Find out more about The Swedish Railway Orchestra on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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