Innerkid – Anymore (2020)

Inspired by the desire to artistically pursue self-realisation, Dawson Carroll created Innerkid. To achieve this desire, he uses finely-tuned alt-pop that offers an intentional but imperfect feel. His journey of self-realisation continues with his latest release ‘Anymore’.

This dark alt-pop track looks at a toxic relationship Carroll was involved in. It is a look into his mind as he contemplates a relationship that was dragging him down instead of lifting him up. The result is an emotional introspection and breaking down of the different parts of the relationship for easier processing.

‘Anymore’ uses two devices to draw you in which is great and ensures that everyone starts the song having a good time. The piano notes infiltrate your senses while Carroll’s leading vocal notes give you something to sing to. The melody continues in an almost ominous manner with dark notes creeping over the piano opening. This moves to a more synth-pop tone with piercing electronic notes streaking across your senses.

The dark vibe of this track is enhanced by the vocal performance. Carroll’s performance is emotive and you can almost hear a hesitance in parts that link to the lyrics. The echoing reverbs in parts of the track offer a great contrast to the crisp notes that break through. There is something achingly captivating about this song that leaves you surprised when you get to the end.

Innerkid takes a dark turn when looking into toxic relationships with diverse melodic elements and infiltrating vocals on ‘Anymore’. The song breaks down a delicate topic for intense introspection and a haunting and hesitant realisation.

Find out more about Innerkid on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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