Tina Loeffler – Hill Hide (2022)

Tina Loeffler ended last year by capturing the special essence of the holiday season in her single ‘The Greatest Gift’. Leaving last year in the past, she is starting fresh with her single ‘Hill Hide’, which leads you on a path of discovery and the unknown. Through the single, she touches on the frustration and fear the current situation in the world has invoked in many people and how they stunt the fulfilment of dreams.

The acoustic instrumentation and organic textures of the music helps you leave these feelings behind as they draw you onto paths leading to the unknown. Partially inspired by her own long walks through the hills that surround her home, the single is one of gentle exploration and discovery. By the end of the track, you will be able to leave the negativity you felt in the past and breathe in the fresh life of something new.

‘Hill Hide’ brings a sense of peace and calm with it through the strummed guitar tones in the opening. The lighter notes that glint in the morning sun adds a natural sense of healing and happiness to the soundscape. The melody has a tender and gentle feel to it that makes you want to head out into nature and breathe in the slightly chilled air. Each new instrumental note adds to the textures of the hills that you feel drawn to and want to explore. As you listen to the melody, you can feel the frustration and annoyance of daily life sliding off your shoulders, to be replaced with a natural peace and happiness. The cool breathe of fresh air that sweeps through the music opens your chest and relaxes your muscles.

Loeffler’s vocals have a delightfully earthy folk tone that forms stable ground beneath your feet. As the music draws you out into nature, her voice takes your hand to tug you onto the path that winds between trees and up hills into the unknown. The lyrics form a picture in your mind that is so peaceful you can’t help but feel relaxed just thinking about it. While there are moments of misty mornings woven into her performance, there is a glowing sunlight that shines through and puts a small smile on your face.

Tina Loeffler has you feeling the peace and relaxation of being in nature while walking down unknown paths in ‘Hill Hide’. The music is delicate as the natural and acoustic elements urge you to go outside and breathe in the refreshing morning air. Her vocals paint a picture of paths winding through trees and up hills, while lifting negativity from your shoulders.

Find out more about Tina Loeffler on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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