Hopkins – Dominion (2020)

Based in the City of Angels, American duo Hopkins certainly has a heavenly sound to their, well, sound. Known for engaging lyricism, originality and innovativeness as a group, Johannes Gritschacher and Connor Sullivan are making waves with their discography. While they have supported artists like Noah Cyrus, Liz Phair and Ryan Beatty, as well as bagging TV appearances on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel, Hopkins have a loyal following of their own regularly selling out venues.

An interesting aspect of Hopkins is their diversity and versatility. While each track has the constant contemporary pop feel to the melody, it seems that they all have a sense of individuality. Their earlier work such as ‘Differently’ is less “airy” than the more recent tracks like ‘Second Sight’ and ‘Deadlock’. The latest addition to their eclectic repertoire is the single ‘Dominion’

Showing their softer side, ‘Dominion’ intricately weaves synth-driven dream-pop with organic rock-inspired instrumentation. A well-textured track, each individual element in ‘Dominion’ has prominence without disturbing the cohesiveness of the song as a whole. In fact, it is the harmony of powerful beats with the haunting hushed vocals that emphasise the intimacy of the track.

Teetering on that delicate cusp of harsh existential truth and swirling surrealism, Hopkins take you on a journey from the first chord. Showcasing the complexity of human emotion through moving melodies and clever vocals, ‘Dominion’ is a sonic representation of weakness, fragility and exquisite vulnerability.

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