Tired All The Time – Then and There (2022)

Inspired by the likes of Faith No More, Interpol, Sonic Youth, MGMT and Animal Collection, US-based Tired All The Time has a diverse range of influences which is evident in their genre-defying music. Noted as being an experimental rock group blending post-punk, indie-pop, noise rock and sludge, Tired All The Time has a heavy and boundary-breaking sound. A new band to me, this is my first time with the trio; however, the lads have been performing since 2017 and are praised on blogs like Tiny Mixed Tapes. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Then and There’.

Following their 2021 single ‘Sun’, ‘Then and There’ is Tired All The Time’s first single in 2022. Moving from a heavily post-punk sound in ‘Sun’, the lads embrace alternative rock in the new song. In a powerful arrangement, the trio combine pounding drums and dynamic guitars creating a soul-stirring melody. The interesting element of the tune is not in its instrumentation, but rather how the melody rises and dips to carry you along a sonic river. The verses appear smooth as you glide along the glassy surface, however, the crescendo into catchy choruses represents the tumultuous waves beneath.

Adopting a deadpan sense of humour, Tired All The Time explores the effects of capitalism in modern-day society. The group share that their music is open to subjective interpretation, but ‘The and There’ discusses those big questions like “what are we doing?” and “who are we becoming?”. It’s looking at your previous potential and wondering if we are bound to the questions of past potential or is the eternal rat race grinding us all to dust?

Showcasing their depth, profoundness and innovativeness as artists, Tired All The Time hopes to change lives through musical expression. In ‘Then and There’, they are certainly looking at the big picture alongside intimate connections with audiences.

For more from Tired All The Time check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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