Toby & Pip – If You Need to Go (2020)

There is something about the excitement of love that seems impossible to capture. However, this is something that Toby & Pip have done a great job of doing with their debut single ‘If You Need to Go’. The track considers the excitement of young love, commitment and long-distance relationships. Touching on the moments you experience with someone you love and the longing you feel when separated, the single is a catchy pop anthem everyone can enjoy.

While Toby and Pip have been making music together since they met 10 years ago, this is their official debut. It has been launched with a unique music video using clips from their post-marriage travels. It is possible that all the elements of this single could be overly cheesy but the thoughtfulness the pair put into their music allows them to bypass the cheese.

‘If You Need to Go’ has this light drum that gets you into the vibe of the track. The piano line is a gentle flow into the lyrics of the single. The acoustic melody has this wonderful easiness to it that works so perfectly for a love song. However, there is also this driving feeling to it, but that does not overpower the easy vibe of the track.

The vocals are primarily sung by Toby, but Pip provides these backing vocals that offer this great higher level at times. Toby’s vocals are smooth, but there is a soaring power that comes into its own later in the song. He is also able to infuse his performance with a range of emotions. You start with a gentle building of feelings, the sense of having to let your loved one go so they can accomplish what they want and the overwhelming feeling of togetherness.

Strangely, the vibes of the track are perfectly captured in the music video. The video has a screen split in two with Toby and Pip on either side. As they travel across the world, they high-five each other and the camera for transitions. This is a fun way of making a video and makes the song even more relatable because selfie videos are common. You also get the full impact of loving someone and enjoying their company even when they are not physically with you.

Toby & Pip fill you with the excitement of love with their infectious debut ‘If You Need to Go’. The song is catchy and avoids all the cheesiness of love songs. The music video is different and offers a wonderful creativity that captures the essence of the single.

Find out more about Toby & Pip on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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