Cat Calabrese ft Romanic – Sleeping Alone (2022)

Cat Calabrese has swung from admonition of a toxic ex in ‘Quicksand’ to the exhilaration of putting your heart in the hands of another in ‘Fever Dream’. She now moves on to the next chapter of her sound with ‘Sleeping Alone’. An electro-pop dance track, it offers a peek inside an inner dialogue as she struggles with loneliness and depression.

Through the moving yet mid-tempo tones of the single, she considers wanting to give in to what you are feeling, while also wanting to connect with someone to stave off the loneliness. To bring the emotions of the track to life, Calabrese has teamed up with Romanic who provides beautiful backing vocals and produced the single. His presence in the soundscape makes the single more meaningful, while offering a new edge of connection.

‘Sleeping Alone’ has a low key opening that is all dark neon tones and anticipation. There is a feeling in the deep vibrations that fill the opening, which brings a ball of anticipation and tension to your stomach, like you are excited about something while also extremely nervous about what will happen. The mid-tempo flow of the melody adds an interesting depth of emotions to the melody, while still making you want to move to the rhythm. Through the melody, Calabrese transports you to a party where everyone is having fun around you, but you are standing still with your negative emotions. The layers of beats and instrumentation have been masterfully handled to bring the combination of emotions to life.

While the melody builds the tension and emotions of the track, it is Calabrese’s vocals that give them direction. She has crafted lyrics that bring an internal dialogue to smooth life with personal musings meeting weary loneliness. She infuses a yearning for connection into her performance which is contrasted by a weary acceptance of the loneliness you feel. While the chorus carries the acceptance of loneliness, it also brings the scratching pain and closure that comes with depression. The lyrics are a wonderful journey into the feeling of depression and the weary emotions that follow. Romanic’s backing vocals enter later in the track, adding a beautiful accompaniment to Calabrese’s performance.

Cat Calabrese and Romanic bring a yearning for connection and the weary acceptance of loneliness to the depressed internal dialogue of ‘Sleeping Alone’. The melody forms a solid ball of tension and anticipation in your stomach through the movement of the instrumentation. Calabrese’s vocals have a deep weariness that turns into grudging acceptance of loneliness enhanced by depression.

Find out more about Cat Calabrese on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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