Track of the Day: Petter Carlsen – Dogs

If you’re looking for a singer/songwriter from a really cold place who fuses elements of indie-rock and alt-rock, then you should consider Petter Carlsen. Seemingly a cross between Radiohead and Pixies, Carlsen shows an inclination to grunge, but we can’t really define him because, well, his sound is too experimental. Carlsen continues to push the boundaries of alt-rock with his new single ‘Dogs’.

Using soaring vocals over heavy instrumentation, ‘Dogs’ is a soulful atmospheric piece of rock music. It is an introspective and reflective tune showing off Carlsen’s ability to break away from the traditional singer/songwriter model, yet still retain some of his singer/songwriter roots.

“While the song ‘I Love The Way You See The World’ spoke about hopeful connection between people, ‘Dogs’ tells a different story about masks we’re wearing, where we hide our true feelings and where the modern world lacks real connection between people.” – Petter Carlsen on ‘Dogs’

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