Robert Vendetta – If It’s Over (2021)

Born in Norway but Mexican at his core, Robert Vendetta is that dude with a spunky walk, slicked-back hair and a general air of joviality about him. We recently featured his single ‘Colombian Spice’ – a song filled with upbeat grooves and entertainment; however, Vendetta shows us he is not only spice in his latest single ‘If It’s Over’.

If you are not quite sure who Robert Vendetta is, then let me enlighten you. Hailing from Norway, Vendetta is the epitome of retro-pop. Bringing together the obscure intensity of David Bowie and spirited funk of James Brown, you expect Vendetta to ooze groovy vibes and you won’t be far off. Yet, while there is a buoyance to his music, ‘If It’s Over’ shows Vendetta’s more vulnerable sound.

Toning down the high-paced melodies and sensual lyricism, ‘If It’s Over’ has a melancholic quality to it. Acoustic-inspired, Vendetta showcases his versatility and innovativeness as an artist. From bouncy and toe-tapping, there is a shift to vulnerable and heartbreaking. Typically Vendetta’s style is retro but ‘If It’s Over’ draws similarity to Tom Odell and James Bay.

Pianos and drums can be uplifting, but in this piano-driven track, there is sadness within the instrumentation. The simplistic sound, including an oboe, has a cold beauty sending shivers down your spine. Haunting in itself, the tune becomes, even more, intoxicating with Vendetta’s dulcet tones.

A bold singer, Robert Vendetta can add warmth and richness to any single. While ‘If It’s Over’ does not have a sense of cheerful warmth, the charming vocals add some robustness to the single. Filled with pain and vulnerability, the song details the desperation of the protagonist; however, there is a sense of lingering nostalgia.

Along with the single, Robert Vendetta chose to release an official music video for ‘If It’s Over’. ‘It’s All Over’ is a spine-chilling track but the poignancy of the lyricism is enhanced with this visual representation. Unlike videos that incorporate several actors, ‘If It’s Over’ is a solo act by Vendetta himself. At one point there is a juxtaposition of his sad self with a seemingly happier dancer; however, it ends with both characters grasping for any sense of joy in the distressing experience. Overall, ‘If It’s Over’ delicately explores the fragility of the human soul but the true essence of ‘It’s All Over’ comes through in its music video.

For more from Robert Vendetta, check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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