Twilight Driving – Pretty In Pink (2020)

If your playlists are full of 80s guilty pleasures, Twilight Driving is right there with you. Subconsciously drawing on the sound of the 80s, their single ‘Pretty in Pink’ may just be the modern twist to this old sound that you are looking for. The catchy hooks and great stories of their music drips with close harmonies, synths and pounding pop guitars.

The band consists of George Gleeson (lead vocals, guitar), Will Mavin (lead vocals, keys, guitar), Aidan Chadwick (backing vocals, bass) and Danny Lawrence (backing vocals, drums). They met in Brighton through different bands and university. Since then, they have been creating songs that you can listen to at any time.

‘Pretty in Pink’ hits you with a blast of nostalgia from the first synth notes. The melody has this thread that is a blast from the past, but there is also something unmistakeably modern about the sound. The swelling melody melds a cool indie-pop sound with 80s synths and crashing guitars. The flow of the melody is easy to get into and draws you effortlessly to the swell then soft drop close to the end of the track.

Adding to the nostalgic hit is the vocals which have an edge of 80s pop. The smooth performance is easy to listen to and you can float to the soundscape they create. There is also an honesty in the delivery that makes the lyrics more charming than they have the right to be. The vocals and melody combine to create a song you can easily listen to as you drive along the open road with the windows down.

Twilight Driving uses a nostalgic hit mixed with modern pop sounds to hook you to ‘Pretty in Pink’. The easy melody and smooth vocals combine to form an easy track that you could blare from your car as you drive.

Find out more about Twilight Driving on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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