Nothing But Real – We Are Nothing But Real (2020)

If you are looking for a song that looks past the surface of the world and delves into the inner workings, ‘We Are Nothing But Real’ by Nothing But Real is what you need. The single looks at the gap between people in society and how those who are overlooked are rising up. Giving a voice to the disenchanted, the track can be viewed as a rallying cry to rise up against the injustice of the world. It is filled with the message that while others might overlook you, we are all real and we are all together in this.

Merging four strong personalities, Nothing But Real have been building their sound of the past two years. Tom (guitar) started the band with David (bass) and recruited Hanta (vocals) and Eghan (drums) to complete their innovative ideas.

‘We Are Nothing But Real’ draws you in with a swirling guitar opening that turns a bit heavier as it progresses. There is a lurking darkness in the melody as it creeps along the low levels of the song. As it lurks, there is a tension that builds through the verses leading you to a thrashing call on the chorus. There is a great hard rock vibe to the melody with the instruments really shining throughout. The guitar in particular has the chance to show what it has to offer.

Over the creeping melody are Hanta’s vocals. Her performance helps build the tension of the track as she talks about how the overlooked are seen by those in power. As she draws closer to the chorus, she rallies the disenchanted and calls for everyone to stand up together. The chorus is powerful and sends pulses through you before the guitar takes over again.

The official music video has a very classic hard rock feeling to it. Throughout the video, you get to see the band playing their instruments and Hanta singing against an ever-changing backdrop. Hanta’s performance on the chorus is even more powerful in the video as you get to see as well as hear her passion.

Nothing But Real are calling for the people to rise up and understand that ‘We Are Nothing But Real’. The single has a hard rock edge to it with this pulsing sense of indignation and fighting spirit. The passion and drive of the band shine through in each note.

Find out more about Nothing But Real on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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